Interesting To See Who's On Board ...

... And who's not so sure.

Short version: the two Lib leadership front-runners who don't have seats in the House of Commons are the ones who appear to be the most reluctant to support the "Quebecois = nation" motion. Neither Rae nor Kennedy appear to be all that impressed with it, though it must be noted that neither one of them has said that they are strongly opposed, either.

It makes me wonder - are these two:

(a) doing what Liberal MPs would like to do, but who feel that they can't do it (Jimmy the K aside); or

(b) are they doing this to appeal to the probably-not-inconsiquential number of Liberal leadership delegates who don't like this idea, and who are looking for a contender to say "non" (or at least, give a less-qualified "oui" than that given by Messrs Dion & Ignatieff); or

(c) a bit of both (a) and (b)?

More later.


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