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Mario Dumont, head of l'ADQ in Quebec, hasn't been heard from lately in the Anglo/ON media (I have no idea if he's getting more press in the Quebec/francophone/other media or not).

But a quick look at the G&M website reveals this story. Dumont is not impressed that he is unable to join his pregnant girlfriend at a (presumably, publicly-funded) daycare facility, because - he says - the sensibilities of Muslim, Sihk and Hindu women are offended by the presence of men at neonatal classes. He also isn't best pleased with the notion that female police officers turn cases involving Hasdic Jews over to male colleagues, for basically the same reason.

So, I'm tossing this "Open Question" out to anyone who wants to comment on it. Is Dumont going too far? Or does he have a good point? Is there some "mid-way point" solution that people could suggest, or is this an "either-or" situation?

Please note that I'm doing this "open question" thing as an experiment to encourage sane discussion from proponents of both sides of this issue. Wild accusations, actionable content and generally offensive remarks will almost certainly be deleted, and if it gets too out of hand, I'll end up deleting the whole thread. Express your opinions openly, but with some modicum of respect, please - I know you can!

And with that caution in mind - have at it.

More later.


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