Sorry About the Mess ... and, Get Keen For Dean!

I have no idea what went screwy with blogspot, but a whole pile of my "(almost) live blogging" posts from US Election Night re-appeared over the last 24 hours or so, making me look like I was providing savvy analysis of real-time election results ... 2 days after those results came in. Even for this blog, things aren't usually that bad!

Sorry about that. I think things are (relatively) back to normal now.

In the meantime, I can't spend much time on analysis now, but I would point out that the Libs have landed a whale of a speaker for their convention ....


Of course, try and imagine the howls if the Tories brought in some big-wig Republican to fire up the troops, but that's the Liberals for ya ...

UPDATE: Canadian Cynic gives me some lumps. Don't bother trying to click on the post CC links to - it was one of the way out of date ones that I got rid of when I tried to clean things up. Oh well - thanks for the hits, CC!

More later.


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