Keith Martin, Prophet

From the G&M:

“This snub by the Chinese is really in response to the new Conservative government's repeated snubs against China,” Liberal Foreign Affairs critic Keith Martin said in an interview Wednesday.

If anyone has the time & interest, it may be worth figuring out whether KM took a more principled approach on China before he crossed the floor. But in any event, it turns out Martin - and many others - jumped the gun a bit.

But as my last post hinted, even if the Chinese hadn't agreed to meet, Harper was and is taking the proper approach.

More later.


At 10:51 a.m., Blogger jeff davidson said...

harper manufactured the snub. chinese officials called bullsit on it.

At 11:51 a.m., Blogger Jason Hickman said...

Well, that's an ... interesting theory, I suppose.

At 11:52 a.m., Blogger TangoJuliette said...


I call B.S. on you and your contentious claim!!

First. That's Prime Minster of Canada, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, to you, laddie. And that's with a capital "H."
If you believe that Prime Minister Harper has SUCH control of the MSM, one would certainly have to think that the media-driven polls would show the headless twits, uh GRITS, to be the ones allegedly tanking in the allegedly serious, and allegedly Harper-controlled polls.

Second. The only thing being manufactured here is the Liberal "profession of faith in Democratic Principles, and the over-arcing powers of our highly valued Charter of Rights and Freedoms." How perfectly obtuse, shallow and hollow of them. They wouldn't know a single democratic principle if it kissed them on the cheek.

The flip side of the coin is brutal, Jeffie-boy. Try to follow this simple truth.

If we are to proclaim democracy as a Canadian virtue and guiding principle, should this not be an across-the-board virtue? Or can we selectively, as the Liberals seem to think appropriate, suspend certain principles for a time, especially if there are dollars to be pocketed?

Yet another difference between Liberals and Conservatives.

Yet another instance when the banality and shallowness of the Liberals' doctrinaire posturing comes up short, and gladly sacrifices totalitarianism's victims on the altar of Mammon. Just ask the Dali Lama, for example.

Yet another instances where anchored Conservative thinking shines through with a consistency un-dreamt of, and un-imagined in liberalland.

As they say in the old country, Jeff: Were you just born plain average, or did you have to study really hard to get up to that level.


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