Lump of Coal In His Stocking

Cross another promise off the list, it appears.

Now, as with the income trust thing on a federal level, I can accept - and I think most voters can accept - that circumstances can change, and not every promise in an election platform can be kept.

But that doesn't give the promise-breaker a free pass. If McGuinty knew, or ought to have known, that there was no way to keep his close-down-coal promise and he made it anyway, then he'll have to wear it. (And yes, that goes for the CPC on the income trust issue too, lest you think I'm being too partisan.)

Whether or not the coal promise was one McGuinty knew, or ought to have known, would be impossible to keep .... well, that's an exercise I'll leave up to the reader.

(Oh, and before I forget ... McGuinty was almost trapped in a "victim-of-bad-advice/it-wasn't-my-fault" example of passing the buck - which only makes the promise-breaker look even more like a political weasel. Obviously either McG or someone with better instincts realized that the strategy of blaming the unknown experts was a loser, and it would be best if he owned up to it.)

More later.


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