Quick Thoughts Before Work ...

Some quick thoughts to start off your week:

  1. Condolences to Ed Broadbent and family. Everything I've read about Lucille Broadbent indicates that she wasn't only a huge help to her husband, but a strong and dynamic individual.
  2. On to happier news: As per usual, I enjoyed yesterday's real "fall classic", although it wasn't exactly a dream game. If the first half had been as competitive as the second half, it would have been a game for the ages. I can't wait to be there in person next year!
  3. If Jane Pitfield had only thought of this policy, she may have done better last week!
  4. On the one hand, Peter Lougheed's endorsement of Jim Dinning probably (it's hard to be definitive when you're commenting from T.O.!) carries some heft in the Alberta PC leadership race. On the other hand, it makes it all the easier for his opponents to paint him as "Mr. Establishment".
  5. Back to the Grey Cup for a minute: As far as pop singers go, I don't mind Nelly Furtado. But come on: it's the Grey Cup, in November, in Winnipeg - where the heck were these guys?

That's it for now. Off to work!

More later.


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