Before We Panic, and/or Break Out the Champagne ...

Still wrestling with "the motion", but in reaction to some of the passionate commentary working its way through the Canadian political "blogosphere" (ugh, I hate that term, but can't come up with another one...), I wanted to point something out.

I'm not best thrilled by this, although I may yet come to support it, reluctantly.

But before we all sail too far off into the deep end, we should remember that post-referendum in '95, the Chretien government of the day introduced at least one (maybe more - I honestly can't recall) motions, and I think even the dreaded words "distinct society" were used.

(My recollection may be false in that regard, but I'm sure others here can correct me if it is.)

The motion(s) passed at that time were not of constitutional force, and the Dominion didn't crumble. In fact, I doubt if anyone, including me, can recite what it/they said without looking it up.

That doesn't turn a bad idea into a good one, but it does mean that we shouldn't go too far into panic mode.

More later.


At 5:33 a.m., Blogger Psychols said...

I think it is a mistake to start referring to provinces as "nations", followed by the hasty explanation that we mean the term nation only in its most meaningless sense.


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