The Kentucky-Fried Candidate

{Extra-Crispy Update below!}

Just when things couldn't get bad enough for Team Martin, along comes this.

According to the NDP - and please, keep the fact that this is our source in mind - their candidate in Abbotsford, Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, was offered two things one night at the campaign office of Liberal candidate Dave Oliver:

1. A KFC dinner (hence the title above), and

2. Lots of help in winning a bid for town council.

And in return? According to Mr. H-C, he was asked to issue a "directive to suport the Liberals out of fear of what the Conservatives will do to our community and our country, based on the assumption that the NDP is not a big player in this riding."

Now, let me say that I am usually reluctant to take NDP press releases at face value ... and that reluctance applies here. In fact, I find it nigh-on impossible to believe that any candidate or campaign manager for any political party would be that out-and-out stupid.

Indeed, I was initially reluctant to even mention this, as it sounds so damn bizarre. But the fact is, as the link above indicates, the NDP has gone more than public with this, and has asked Elections Canada to step in.

Of course, a complaint to EC does not equal "proven". But if - if - the Libs in Abbotsford were dumb and/or desperate enough to pull a stunt like this ... well, honestly, there are no words.

Update: Good Lord, looks like I was too cautious. Check this release from the LPC out. The Libs are pulling a "Zeisman-plus" on this one. Not only will David Oliver not be allowed to sit with the Lib caucus if elected (fat chance - ed.), the Libs are going to act as if they had 307 candidates, return whatever money they get from the $1.75-per-vote in that riding, etc. Considering that's what they demanded of the Tories, it's the least they could do.

More later.


At 5:29 a.m., Anonymous Schwarze Tulpe said...

This is a rather peculiar situation, isn't it. Of course we (you and I) realize that all we have heard so far are allegations from one side and denial (Oliver) on the other. However, the LPC acted rather decisively against Oliver. I heard no statements defending their candidate from these charges. It was just - bang - you're gone. Peculiar... Suspicious... What is exactly going on inside that Big Red Machine?

At 7:34 a.m., Blogger The Western Critic said...

Nice analysis. I saw the news story CTV Vancouver had on this. It all seemed pretty weird to me, especially since all involved consider(ed) each other to be friends. The Liberal campaign manager indicated that he felt no ill will towards the whistleblowing NDP hopeful (This was really strange considering their campaign was ghaked as a result). After soaking it all in, I believe the NDP guy. If this is true, it was stupid in any event. This bastion of conservatism (Abbotsford riding) could not be overthrown by merging the Liberal and NDP support. Not by a long shot.

At 4:09 p.m., Blogger Psychols said...

I suspect that what is going on in that big red machine is a strategic response to allegations and investigations that have dogged the Liberals throughout the campaign. This late it the game they have little choice but to do whatever it takes to minimize the story in Abbotsford and try to focus public and media attention on their campaign message.

A political career is over in Abbotsford. Hopefully the truth will be revealed so that the real villian (be it the NDP or Liberal candidate) will be the one who suffers.

At 4:11 p.m., Blogger Psychols said...

PS: Jason, quit being so reasonable in your posts. We on the left need conservatives to start acting scary :)

At 11:00 a.m., Blogger Jason Hickman said...


Somebody has to help keep our agenda hidden! *rimshot*

At 8:44 p.m., Blogger Meus Verum said...

This was one of the few places where some healthy scepticism and an application of reason occurred, besides the Duffinator. Good on ya. Feel free to do an update given the Davies apology on hansard on Dec 6. Good luck out there!

BTW: check out my blog churchillwasright.blogspot.com/

David Oliver


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