See The Idiot(s) Walk ...

Keith Martin, who may just be re-considering his career-advancing hop across the aisle a little while back, has weighed in with his $0.02 on the Liberal attack ad's:

"Some idiot went and sent it out with the other 11 ads, and it was never sanctioned by the party, never approved, and we are completely appalled that this went out. We apologize to the men and women in the uniform," [K. Martin] said.

As a public service, herewith, the identity of said idiot:

In an interview Thursday morning on CTV's Canada AM, [Paul] Martin [not Keith] said he approved every one of the harshly critical ads -- including one that suggested the Tory Leader would use the military to occupy Canadian cities.

Keith, other folks may be bitter, but as far as your old friend (whom you've never met) Jason is concerned, there's a light in the window for you if you want to come home ... well, maybe after you give the appropriate apologies.

On another front, Angry in the GWN advises that Keith M. isn't the only Liberal candidate ducking for cover from the Lib ad's.

Not to date myself, but I remember the '93 campaign (despite years of therapy), and you know when I really knew, for sure, that the wheels were off the PC wagon that year? Not when the infamous Chretien ad came on; not even when it was pulled - I was younger and dumber/more optimistic back then. No, it was when PC candidates openly dumped all over the ad, and ran for the hills.

Now, let me repeat what I said below - THIS ELECTION IS NOT OVER. Until the polls close on the 23rd, we haven't won one lousy seat. I swear, I'll keep saying that till then as often as I have to, to anyone I have to.

But when you've got your own teammates saying your ad campaign sucks (in so many words), trust me - it aint going well for you.

More later.


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