How To Win Friends & Influence People

No, I'm not referring to Stephen Harper's speech from '97. Even if some folks are pulling their hair out over it now, I'm not going to get into a sweat over things he said 8 years ago when he was out of elected politics (for the time being). Besides, some wags would say that his speech did win some friends, although since most of said friends probably live south of the border, they probably won't deliver too many votes *rimshot*.

No, the subject of this post is Michael Ignatieff, or to be more precise, the good people in his "media" office. The source is Paul Wells's blog, and here's the link. Summarizing it wouldn't do it justice, so go ahead and read it.

Far be it from me to presume myself worthy of advising Liberal media spindoctors, but deliberately p*ssing off a media outlet that simply wanted to tag along on a door-to-door jaunt around the riding seems really stupid.

More later.


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