Gilles Duceppe is Feeling a Buzz

I was at the Stephen Harper rally in Toronto this morning - or I should say, I was in a room off to the side of the rally, where the overflow crowd had to be parked. Not bad at all, having a pretty big crowd out for a Conservative rally in the heart of the "416", with less then a week to go.

Anyway, while I was waiting, I saw Senator Buzz Hargrove and Paul Martin at a campaign event. The sound was off, so I didn't get to hear what Buzz was going on about, but it probably wasn't as interesting as what he had to say in this story:

[Hargorve] said Quebec voters should choose the Bloc Quebecois over the Conservatives.

"Anything to stop the Tories."

It's great to see that Buzz is not only a voice for the working man/woman --- he's a great Canadian patriot, too.

I wonder what the guys on the assembly line in Oshawa or Oakville think of that particular endorsement?

Heck, according to the story, Paul Martin was with Buzz when he did his bit for national unity ... I wonder what he thought of it?

{h/t to the incomperable Andrew Coyne}

More later.


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