I've Said It Before ...

... and I'll say it again: this stinks.

I had hoped that all parties, on both sides of the centre aisle in the House of Commons - yes, there is more than enough blame to go around - would show some respect and leave politics out of the VE Day celebrations. The Canadians who fought in WW II deserve better.

I have no idea who "started" this. I know the CPC and BQ had pulled their MP's from the trip, but I also heard that a promise was made not to vote down the government while the ceremonies were going on. Whatever happened, t appears that everyone lost their sense of perspective over this. Surely to God, something could have been worked out.

The soldiers, sailors and airmen who went "over there" - especially those who didn't come home - should be honoured, not caught in the middle of some political tussle.

More later.


At 12:53 a.m., Blogger Psychols said...

I agree. Our elected MPs should have risen to the occasion instead of sinking to party politics.


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