Calm. DOWN.

Look, I wasn't turning cartwheels when the polls had the CPC up by 4 or 5 or 6 or whatever. I'm hardly going to start crying in my beer now. Being up in the polls is great. Being down isn't, as much.

However, being tied, at worst, means that my team's in the game, despite Martin's speech, and despite the basket o' goodies he and Jolly Jack are spreading around.

And you know what? (and this is to the CPC'ers out there - but the rest of you are welcome to listen in:) If we aren't doing well enough; if Paul's pitch for a 10-month campaign is getting some traction (as I feared it would); if people arent ready to vote for us yet; if people are having second thoughts ... don't blame - persuade!

It was either Coyne or Wells (or maybe both-I'm on my way out and I don't have time to check), but somebody made the point that some conservatives in the blogosphere are talking like those kooks at Democratic Underground, who are still ranting about how ol' Chimpy Bu$hCo. stole the election in '04 and '00 (and yes, I'm being ironic when I use the term, since I'm part of that huge 4% or whatever it was of Canadians who'd vote for him over Gore or Kerry). Bellowing "the Canadian people are a bunch of sheep and don't deserve our wise leadership" isn't exactly going to win you a lot of votes, y'know?

Whether the election is in May, June, February '06, or whenever, remember that this ball game is still in the early innings.

(Now, watch me forget all that good advice when the next poll has the CPC up 10 points!)

More later.


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