Get Me A Lawyer ...

... Because I'm getting whiplash over here.

Once somebody figures out whether Paul Martin is, or is not, caving into Jack Layton's demand re: the corporate tax cuts, let me know, ok?

Andrew Coyne raises an excellent point via a reader of his: I too thought Jack Layton's hell-or-high-water policy was proportional representation. Now it's corporate tax cuts. If any Blogging Dippers find their way over here, maybe they can explain that one.

Oh wait, never mind ... while I was typing the above, this just came over the wire. I'll need to think about this one before I post any thoughts, but I'm happy to report that Paul Martin did not have to completely abandon his commitment to his budget ... just mostly.

Of course, while Paul Martin has managed to make Jack Layton happy, these guys aren't as impressed ... but hey, the government pretty much ignores that particular group at will anyway, unless somebody really forces their hand, so what else is new?

(That link to the veterans' hunger strike really brought back some memories about that whole issue ... no, I wasn't there, but family members were. If there's one group that has been consistently shafted by this country, it's veterans. Remind me to talk about that sometime, if you're sick of the current political stuff.)

More later.


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