Goodale, Again ...

Paul Wells hits the nail right on the head, and does so much more effectively than my wanderings earlier today (which is only fair, since he's paid for it, and I'm ranting for free!).

Granted, Martin was never stuck in a minority situation while he was Minister of Finance. And I have no doubt that if Chretien had found himself in a minority after, say, '97 (he almost was, don't you know) he would have done whatever needed to be done to keep the top job (of course, he probably would've been successful, unlike - probably - the guy doing it now).

Believe me, I'm no member of the Chretien fan club. I would start in on why, but I'd be here all night. But of course, St. Paul was supposed to be so much better than Jean, wasn't he? And yet, here he is, making his Finance Minister look like a chump. Yet another reason to say "Well done, Mr Martin. Well done."

More later.


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