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Yes, I still have work to do. Yes, I'm shirking said work while writing this. What's it to ya?

Besides, this'll be quick. I just had to point something out regarding the Triple Entente (LPC-NDP-CAW - and that's in reverse order of influence, apparently).

It says here (a subscription may be required) that Buzz Hargrove told Layton that if he didn't cut a deal with Martin, and voted instead with the heathen Tories, Layton would regret it. Here's a brief excerpt (hopefully brief enough to keep me from getting sued):

Organized labour [i.e., Buzz] pushed the deal aggressively, threatening to withdraw its support for the New Democrats if Mr. Layton favoured an early election.

Pardon the impudent question, but what exactly did "organized labour" in general or the CAW in particular deliver to Layton and the NDP in the last election? Having the CAW bosses on board didn't exactly deliver this riding to the NDP, now did it? (I admit, it was a near-run thing, but still, close only counts in horseshoes & c., and besides which, the NDP hasn't won it since Ed Broadbent left town back in '90.)

For that matter, it's worth noting that amongst parties represented in Parliament, the NDP finished dead last in the popular vote in '04, just as it did in pretty much every election since it was founded (the NDP probably did beat Social Credit in terms of the pop. vote when the latter still elected MP's - I just don't have time to check). So for all that the union leaders talk about the NDP, it looks like the rank & file are pulling in other directions.

Now, yes, I'm sure the unions provide money (although not as much as before, thanks to the new laws), organizers, volunteers, etc. to NDP campaigns. But for heaven's sake, let's say that the NDP did help bring down the current bunch of bad eggs - would Buzz et al. really just stay home, and not try to get New Democrats elected, especially when their numbers were looking better than before?

More later.


At 10:53 p.m., Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Martin probably won't end up regretting this deal, but I think in the end, Jack is going to lose big-time. Votes and credibility.


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