"Bring it On"

Over at the blog of the newly-Liberal Garth Turner, Dion's latest (and to date, only) catch says that he'll be happy to run in a by-election if - and only if - by-elections are called in the seats currently held by Messrs. Emmerson and Khan.

Comments are not being accepted, or are being held pending review, at Garth's blog, so I'll say what I tried to say there, here:

Garth - unlike Khan, Emmerson, Fortier, or anyone else who Garth got upset about - made joining another team a huge issue. You want to be a Liberal, get elected as a Liberal, was Garth's message.

If Garth chooses to live down to the standard set by Emmerson and Khan, that's his choice to make. But he can't pretend that he's living up to the standard that he himself called for if he's saying "I'll do it if they do it".

More later.


At 7:15 p.m., Blogger xweberx said...

It just shows you that Prime Minister Harper knows exactly what he is doing. The media cried that he was banishing a man and censoring Turncoat Turner. The Prime Minister knew who Turncoat was and put him exactly where he belonged.

At 7:36 p.m., Anonymous Halton Reformer in KC said...

Has he qualified for his pension yet? That's the only reason he ran.

At 7:12 a.m., Blogger Liam O'Brien said...

I agree with Jason that Garth's not living up to his own standard by any stretch, but we should be cautious about making any sweeping statements about the decision and process that led to his removal from CPC caucus. I'd prefer to see a clear due process for MPs in that position, even if they are boring, whiny political whores like Garth Turner. . .

At 3:55 p.m., Blogger Joan Tintor said...

Yet another example of Harper playing chess while the Libs play checkers. Good for him.

As Peter Van Loan pointed out on Mike Duffy last night, Turner was not ousted by Harper, but by his own Ontario caucus colleagues, for his loose bytes.

There is little integrity in "challenging" Harper to call by-elections that Turner is safe in knowing won't be called, just calculation.


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