On the Bright Side, We'll All Get to Hear What Goes On at Lib Caucus Meetings ...

It looks like independence doesn't agree with Garth - which means, assuming this to be true, that "independence" joins the long list of things & people Garth doesn't end up getting along with.

And like I said in the "comments" Garth's place, it looks like Halton is Canada's party-switching capital:

1. Gary Carr goes from a Mike Harris-era Ontario PC to a Liberal, and gets beaten by ...

2. a Brian Mulroney-era PC who wins as a Harper-era Conservative before getting the gate, promising to raise hell as an indep before (apparently) joining the Dion Liberals.

I thought/knew Halton was a great place to live, but there must be something in the water they give to politicans.

More later.


At 3:57 p.m., Blogger SVC Alumnus Blogger said...

Got that right.

Came over from Blogging Tories to hear about my favorite Canuck loudmouth celebrity, BTW. All that's missing is the three-letter s-word in Garth's life.


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