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I was going to do a post about the income trust issue that's gotten, shall we say, a little bit of press over the last couple of days. But as he does so often, Liam O'B has beaten me to the punch by posting on it, and I ended up saying just about everything there that I would've said here. So if you're at all interested, there you go.

At Liam's place, you can also read about an interesting by-election result, which appears to have breathed new life into the provincial NDP.

(Not that I thought more than oh, one of you - hi, Mom! - was really anxious for my $0.02 on either topic, but just in case, there you go. Plus, I'm always happy to give Liam's blog a plug, even if typing in its url is a pain in the neck!)

More later.


At 8:34 p.m., Blogger scott said...

Hey Jason,

They added 15 new house races to the card and the deadline is 11:59 tonight [pacific time] to make final midterm predictions and any changes.

Thought I would let you know in comments since I couldn't find an email address for you.


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