And You Thought By-Elections Were Boring ...

Well, here's someone who could certainly be described as an interesting candidate.

Meanwhile, it looks like Iggy's former Toronto chair has found a new home. You can't read too much into this, but I have to wonder how excited Ontario Libs are at the thought of being led by Bob Rae, since that seems to be at least a strong possibility right around now.

More later.


At 4:07 p.m., Blogger Joan Tintor said...

Bob Rae is almost 60 but still figuring who he is and what he believes in. Yet he was leading in the last poll of the public's preferences for the Lib leadership.

People used to joke about how women couldn't go into politics because of their hormones, but apparently about 1/4 of Canadians are okay with having the government run by a guy in mid-life crisis. Oy vey and God help us.

At 6:23 p.m., Blogger Jason Hickman said...

But Joan, weren't you listening?

Bob has learned ...

Bob has grown ...

Can't you give the new Bob a chance?

... Nope, me neither :)


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