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Not that the ongoing Gomery fallout isn't fascinating to watch (and I'm not being entirely sarcastic, either), but perhaps some attention should be given to what's happening vis a vis Iran.

Here is an excellent piece (free registration may be required) from the New Republic in the 'States - hardly a right-wing mag, not that I have anything against right-wing mags at all! - which summarizes what has happened as a result of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's comments that Isreal should be "wiped off the map".

As its author, James Forsyth points out, Ahmadinejad's reasoned discourse is particularly troubling in light of Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons capability. Indeed, his comments were so disturbing that even the EU and the UN seem prepared to act vigorously, at least for the moment.

If some sort of definitive steps are not taken by the "international community" (define that term as you will) to deal with this issue, and if those steps do not produce results, Isreal is not going to simply stand by silently and wait for a nuclear strike on Tel Aviv - and nor should it.

So if you're talking to your MP and/or one of the candidates in your riding in the next little while, why not ask them what definitive steps he or she thinks Canada should take, or at the least, support.

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At 2:02 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the U.S. invaded the wrong country.

The U.S. had Saddam contained and he was not about to try anything stupid like Kuwait anymore.

BUT . . .

Iran is just crazy enough to try a first(haha) strike against Israel.

Israel has been here before, they don't let crazy neighbours get hold of REAL WMD

Let's see . . . whose country gets wiped first?



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