George Curtis (1906-2005)

I attended law school at the University of British Columbia from 1994 to 1997. I loved, for the most part, the time I spent in Vancouver and at UBC.

UBC Law is seen, quite rightly, as a leading institution. It likely would not be so well-regarded were it not for the tireless efforts of its founding dean, George Curtis, who passed away last Sunday. The Globe has a fine story on the man here (G-search is here if you can't find it directly) which sums up his remarkable career better than I ever could.

Dean Curtis had long since retired from active teaching by the time I arrived, but as the Globe's story indicates, he maintained a strong connection with the school and its students well beyond his nominal retirement.

He was, and will be, an inspiration, and he will be missed. RIP.

More later.


At 8:32 p.m., Blogger Liam O'Brien said...

My Condolences. Rest in peace, and may perpetual light shine upon him.


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