Saturday Night Special

This is very bad news indeed. (tip o' the hat to Paul Wells).

I'm quite sad to see a Canadian publication with such a rich pedigree go down like this. Saturday Night may not have been the favourite magazine of every conservative out there, but I always found a good balance of stories. I remember one in particular which profiled Mario Dumont, back when the ADQ was making serious waves before the last Quebec election. It struck me as fair & balanced (if you'll pardon the expression). I certainly found the magazine to be more readable than Maclean's (though that mag seems to be picking up steam lately, thanks to Whyte el at), and miles ahead of other comparable publications.

I wonder - just a thought, mind you - if there are restrictions on the ability of folks from abroad to invest in Canadian publications. I don't have the time to check right now, but given the attitudes of the Libs since '93, it wouldn't surprise me. I have to wonder if restrictions on the ability to attract foreign capital aren't going to do more to hurt Canadian magazines, newspapers, etc. than help.

Hopefully a source - foreign or domestic - can be found before it's too late.

More later.


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