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Lots happening in politics (duh), but for the moment, a few things from the sporting world:

* There's no doubt that in many respects, the CFL is seen as the poor cousin of the 4-down league south of the border. And sure, for glitz and glam, and overall spectacle, it's very hard to beat the NFL. It's (arguably) the most successful leage in the USA for a reason.

* However, the goings-on yesterday should give any honest and open-minded football fan more than enough reasons to watch the CFL as we move into playoff time. You had an absolute shoot-out in front of a riotous (in a good way) crowd in Montreal, along with a last-second win for the Argos against Winnipeg. Next week you have the Argos in Montreal, in Olympic Stadium, with first place on the line. The Big Owe may not be completely sold out, but it says here that there'll be a damn good crowd on hand.

* In hockey: hey, the bad guys may have won on Saturday night, but Les Glorieux are still doing quite well, thank you very much. And overall, it looks like those rule changes are having the desired effect. Now if they could only bring these guys back home, all would be well in the world.

* And in baseball: hey, the home team won 13 more games this season than they did last time, and were in the wild-card hunt for a while there. And the White Sox are back in the world series, and it should be a good one regardless of whether they're facing Houston or St. Louis.

* A sad note to end on: I was listening to the radio back in '93, when Carter hit the shot heard 'round the world (or at least 'round the GTA). I remembered how this man - who belongs in the Hall of Fame - called it (audio player required). Touch 'em all, Tom. RIP.

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