It Could Always Be Worse ...

As bad as some of the CPC / Harper in-fighting has been in recent days, it can't compare with the fun going on down under. (Hat tip for this story: Damian Penney.)

You see, Mark Latham, former leader of Australia's Labour Party, had his clock cleaned by John Howard in the federal election last year. After a few months of in-fighting, back-biting, and all-round ill humour, Mark decided to call it a day and resigned as Labour leader.

However, it seems that he was keeping a diary, which he has now decided to publish.

And has it ever set off some fireworks. You think Mulroney's book was bad? Check out this and this and this and this and .... well, you know what? Go here and click on just about any of the links, and you'll get the idea.

Unless this subsides in the relatively near future, imagine how much fun Kim Beazley, the current Labour leader (and probably Latham's favourite and/or most frequent target) is going to have on the campaign trail.

UPDATE: Unlike Peter Newman, who spent a few days doing a "who me, what did I do wrong" routine, and who says he meant to praise Mulroney, not bury him, Mark Latham is promoting his book by going full-out to settle any score he can - and it keepts getting worse.

More later.


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