Because That Fire REALLY Needed Some Gasoline Thrown On It ...

At a time when we can't count on much, we can always count on this guy to bring the level of debate up a notch or two. (Hat Tip: The Corner @ NRO)

In fairness, it appears that the poorest suffered the most as a result of Katrina, in New Orleans and elsewhere. And people have been drawing links between race and poverty for years. I can't really fault Howard Dean, or anyone else, from pointing that out.

But to not only throw down the race card, but to make the link between estate taxes and the effects of a hurricane is a bit rich. It's like saying North Korea was trying to develop nuclear weapons while Clinton was focused on his health care plan - yes, the timing was the same, and perhaps you could say the fact that resources of the government were focused on one was to the detriment of the other, but to me, that's a bit of a stretch. But that's Howard for you.

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