Welcome, Robert & Other Lefties - Hands Off The Silverware!

Noted (if by "noted", you mean "banned from all sorts of blogs, at times arguably for cause") BloggingDipper founder Robert McClelland not only said some nice things about me, but added about 80 links to this site t'boot. So, if you've travelled here thanks to his post, welcome.

The reason for the kind words? I owned up when I misread one of his posts. It wasn't exactly a huge mistake - the details can be found here in particular, if you're interested, but it seems that it caught his eye.

Anyway, Robert has ... well, a bit of a reputation amongst the right-leaning blogging set. Still, I enjoy checking out his site, because there is often some good debate going on there ... at least until the comments degenerate into the usual "I hate Toronto lefties/I hate Calgary righties" gripe-fest. And besides, as wrong as Robert is now, he did vote CPC in '04 (sorry for the reminder, RM, but I haven't forgotten!) - he, and many others like him, can be saved again! It's not to late to mend! No soul is unworthy! Testify! Ahem. Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, the point of this post:

I guess the point is, the great thing about this blogging mini-boom is that it can have an impact on society writ large - a point made at the CPC Town Hall (see the post below) by Monte Solberg and others, with the Dan Rather-George W Bush-National Guard story being a good example. But you know the routine: with great (or even minimal) power comes great (or at least decent) resposibility. If you trip up, say so and move on, and stick with the substance.

Oh, and Robert, in case you made it over here: yup, corporate welfare is wrong.

More later.


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