Testing, One Two ... Would You Please Speak Into the Mic Under My Shirt, Minister?

Ever walk out the front door, lock it, and then, just as you're about to head for the car, you hear the 'phone ringing? You should ignore it, but at least some of us can't seem to fight the urge to open the door, run inside and grab the damn thing.

Same thing here. As the post below indicates, I was about to head out for the holidays, when I happen to surf on over to CTV.ca, and what do I find?


Good Lord.

I honestly don't have time to do this story justice now, but I did listen to the recording, and I listend to Ujal D's scrum. Yeah, I'm biased, but it doesn't exactly sound like Ujal's spin matches what was said on the tape.

Maybe Canadians are beyond being outraged; maybe nobody will care; maybe the story will peter out, for one reason or another.

But here we have the PM's fixer-in-chief telling a duly elected Member of Parliament that if he abstains tomorrow evening, it'll be time to talk about when he gets his Senate seat.

If this sort of blatant behaviour doesn't get Canadians royally ticked - and I mean ticked - I have to ask: What in God's name will?

And now, I really must be going.

More later.


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