When He's Right, He's Right ...

A quote from Stephen Harper, who has probably had better days than yesterday, from this story:

"They stood by Danny Williams, they stood by Newfoundland, they always will," Harper said.
"And it's about time Danny Williams stood by some of his boys too, because that's the only way Newfoundland and Labrador is going to get anywhere in this country."

Ok, the language is ... intemperate. And NL has gotten "somewhere" in this country and in this big ol' world already, thanks, although there is more to do - just like there is in every other part of Canada.

But the point is valid. Even when Danny was aggravating the rest of the country - including many conservatives - by hauling down the Canadian flag, Norm Doyle and Loyola Hearn kept on pushing the Martin government to come across with its commitment.

The last thing the CPC needs is more sniping from its alleged supporters. Danny Williams - whom I continue to believe is, on balance, doing an excellent job as premier - should save his broadsides for the Liberals.

More later.


At 1:10 p.m., Blogger da caribou said...

Jason, I agree with your comments on Danny W 100%. It's all moot now of course after the historic vote last week.

I just hope Williams can parlay the deal into a long term fix for Newfoundland. The culture of dependency needs to stop.


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