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Not that I ever have cause to doubt the word of PM the PM, but this doesn't surprise me at the least.

In brief, Martin was in fine fettle the other day, grandstanding about how 50% of Canada's gun crimes involve illegal guns smuggled into the Peaceable Kingdom via those evil imperialists south of the border.

Turns out, that 50% figure was pulled out of Paul Martin's ... well, let's just say it's a place where the sun don't often shine, and I aint talking about Bonavista.

Nice one, Paul. Way to rebuild that special relationship. No wonder we were 40th on Condi Rice's list of important places to visit. No, I'm not saying we should kowtow to the US when they are in the wrong, but it's rather hard to find diplomatic solutions to the issues of the day when the Prime Minister is out there tossing this sort of nonsense around.

I know bashing the hell out of Bush et al plays well amongst the Liberal heartland, but Paul: if you're bound and determined to do it, despite the damage that it does, at least try to find something truthful to use as a beating stick, ok?

Of course, there's one other thing to remember: It's not as if Martin, and the rest of the Liberal crew (who have been responsible for policing our borders for the last twelve freakin' years), would have much to crow about if there were illegal guns crossing the border by the truckload. There may very well be all sorts of people trying to smuggle all sorts of guns across the border - maybe the fed. govt. should start thinking of ways to live up to its responsibility of protecting that border, instead of blaming the folks down south.

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