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Since I'm rather new at this, I don't know if it's a breach of netiquette (b/c the internet is all about upholding common rules of decency. {cough.}) to post stuff on your own blog that you've already posted elsewhere, but what the heck. If you can't steal from yourself, who can you steal from?

I already put this in the comments section at My Blahg (I know, I know ... but I figure that when I pass on, I'll get out of purgatory one year earlier for each time I visit), but just for fun, here are some odds on what we'll hear from Prime Time Paul tonight:

... "Like you, I'm outraged at what we've heard from Gomery": 1.2 to 1

.... "Like you, I want to wait until Justice Gomery reports so we can get to the bottom of this": 1.2 to 1

.... "I am proroguing Parliament till next July/November/Christmas - yeah, I said last night I wouldn't do it, but tough nails": 5 to 1

.... "I have just spoken with the Governer General, and ...": 10 to 1

.... "That bastard Kinsella's gonna pay": 40 to 1

.... "If you wait to watch Duceppe or Harper speak after I'm done, you're gonna miss 'Survivor' ": 50 to 1

.... "Are you ready for some football?": 60 to 1.

No odds on "Let me be clear" or "Let me be perfectly clear". Any and all winning bets will only be paid out of funds recovered from any lawsuits that have already been launched by the federal government against the Liberal Party of Canada, so don't come looking for me if you bet right.

Anyone else have any ideas?

More later.


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