Prime Time Paul & Contrite Chretien

Well, as you may have heard, Paul Martin will be gracing the airwaves with his presence tomorrow (Thursday) evening.

There's plenty of discussion going on at Andrew Coyne's place, amongst others, but for the record, I suspect that it will be a plea to "give Gomery a chance" and to encourage the oppo to prop him up for a little while longer.

Another interesting thing making the rounds is the possibility of Jean Chretien publicly taking the blame (more or less) for the sponsorship mess, and saying that Martin had nothing to do with it. I suppose that if Chretien really felt that the Libs were heading for Tory-in-'93 territory, he might do such a thing.

I'll believe it when I see it, but then, I've had to revise a lot of assumptions, politics-wise, in the last little while.

Feel free to speculate away!

More later.


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