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Ok, the fact that at least one person not named "Jason Hickman" has visited here is shaming me back into action, although Lord (not Bernard) knows how long this burst of activity on my part will last.

So, quick re-cap:

  1. The CPC convention went about as well as can be expected, I figure. Harper's speeches were excellent (not that I'm biased, but to be fair, they got good press), the only "blow-up" came over Scot Reid's resolution re: # of delegates - something that's *very* "inside baseball" and was dealt with in 24 hours, anyway.
  2. Harper got a good, solid 84% level of support. Not bad at all, considering some of the experts were predicting something in the low 70's.
  3. The policies adopted at the Convention? Wellll ... I freely admit that I'm a little more conservative / classical (or neo-) liberal / libertarian than either the public at large, or the CPC in particular, so it's not like I agree with it all, *but* on the whole it's a good balance. We aren't going to kill the Canada Health Act, but we are supportive of things like private delivery of services. We are in favour of the trad. definition of marriage (with free votes for anyone who disagrees) but we aren't bringing in abortion legislation.
  4. Some inquiry going on about some sort of ad programme in Quebec is getting some press. I wonder if anyone will notice?

One more thing. Last time 'round - the last *few* times 'round, actually - the CPC / CA / PCPC / RPC all had problems with "rapid response". An issue would come out, and the Libs would spin it to a fare-thee-well, while the conservatives (of whatever party name) acted like they were firing up the old mimeograph machine with promises of a press release in response sometime next Thursday.

Well, the other day Martin was in BC, and the mayor there - a centre-left type of guy, who was looking forward to his share of Martin's gas tax promise - sounded off about how that plan would be out of window if the heathen tories won. Well, instead of letting that point of view fester and get spun by the grits, the CPC does this.

In response to that, you've got Libs saying "that wasn't what you said before", which is a bit rich coming from that crowd (you'll recall that the Libs voted in favour of legalized prostitution, amongst other things, at their convention, and Martin waited about 5 seconds before telling his party to go jump in the lake). Now, I agree that the CPC has to be careful here - if it re-writes policy on the fly, it's begging for trouble. But it can say with a straight face that just b/c it wouldn't come up with new deals of the sort dreamed up with the grits, it *will* live up to obligations already in place.

ANYway, the point is, the CPC didn't wait for this issue to get spun, and then set in stone, by the Libs. If they keep doing that, and keep doing it smart, it takes another weapon out of the LPC's hands.

More later.


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