Quick n' Dirty Thoughts Re: PCPO '05

Some random thoughts on the PC Party of Ontario's convention last weekend:

* It seems the Party intends to move to "the centre" (whatever *that* means). On the one hand, it should be noted that thanks in large part to Mike Harris, the "centre" has been shifted. On the other, if we're just going to be "Liberal Lite", I can see this causing some problems.

* That said, the policy process should belong to the membership. If conservative PCPO members don't get out there and get involved in that process, there'll be little point bellyaching once it's done.

* Credit where credit is very much due: John Tory is really quite good at connecting with an audience (true, an audience of Tories, but nevertheless, I could name some party leaders who weren't able to do so). He's also pretty quick on his feet. Libs who think his lack of political experience will leave him tongue-tied at Queens Park may be in for a surprise. Besides which, let's remember that the guy *did* run for mayor of Toronto, which means taking part in about 5,000 meetings, speeches, debates & c. over the course of a few months, and his performance during that campaign continuously improved. There's naturally be a learning curve, but he'll be fine.

* The mood over the weekend, even amongst right-leaning Tories, was quite positive. Granted, there wasn't much that was divisive on the agenda, but I can only hope that the CPC convention in Montreal is as upbeat.

* The seminars that I attended were quite useful. They may be as dull as dishwater to the non-hacks out there, but I find that you usually do pick up a few tricks of the trade. When you live in a most-decidedly un-conservative riding (for now, he says, in a fit of optimism), you can use all the help you can get, and I got some here.

* A new party executive was elected - or in most cases, acclaimed. However, in the contested races for which I had a vote (i.e., treasurer and secretary, and not the regional VP's), "my" candidates won, so huzzah.

All in all, a good time and a good use of a weekend. Now it's time to get ready for Montreal ...

- Jason.


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