New and Improved (?)

Well, I'm back, at least for now ... same zero content, much better name!

"Jasonian" was one of those ideas that sounds good for about 30 seconds, tops, so it had to go. After finding out that my first 2 choices for a new name (Slings & Arrows, and Winter of Discontent, if you must know) were taken, I've fallen back on another English legend, and the symbol he made famous.

Of course, this too may have to change, since I think "V for Victory" is/may be a computer game of some sort, so I'll probably end up getting some sort of nasty letter telling me to cease & desist. Oh well, that'll give me time to come up with a better (and more original) name.

Till then ... V for Victory it is, and let's see if we can't get some commentary going.

- Jason.


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