Reason # 1,000,001

I was at the movies the other night, and before the 12.5 hours of "coming attractions" began, the audience was treated - and I'm not being sarcastic when I say "treated" - to what I assume is a new video from the Beatles re-mixed Love album.

There's about a million reasons why the Beatles ruled the music world, and still kick the heck out of just about anyone else who's come down the pike since 1970. Here's another.

More later.


Good Show

I hate stealing lines from Paul Martin of all people, and I'm not a fan of the "grocery list" approach in mid-mandate when it comes to election promises & policy items, where you check things off as you go.

Generally speaking - and there are exceptions to every rule - I think you should take a look at a government's record once the writ for the next campaign is dropped, when it comes to which pledges were kept, which ones were not, and why. In other words, for the most part governments should be judged on their overall record once the election has been called.

But still and all, allow me to say, even just this once:

Promise made, promise kept.

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Don't Take Dion With You to the Horse Track...

Happy New Year, very busy, more posts later ... you know the routine.

Lots of comment out there, on both sides of the fence, on the newest Tory MP. But whether or not Khan's floor-crossing is good or bad (in either the "strategic" or "moral" sense of the words), this is a story that just never should have been allowed to take root. And while it won't get as much attention, it doesn't show Dion's judgment in a good light.

Here's a hint for Stephane, not that he'll take my advice: when you hear rumours from a number of sources that one of your MPs is jumping ship, don't tell the CBC that there's simply no way it's going to happen. It makes you look a bit silly, especially when it does in fact happen a short time later.

More later.