Bloggin' the Brier (VI)

Howard can maybe put the game out of reach with this shot ... Here we go .... Damnit. He made a super shot and is up by 4.

It was an amazing shot, and ON deserves its win, but damn, it shows how this game can turn on a dime. NL looked like it had the edge at the 1/2-way mark and had Gushue made that risky shot a few ends back ...

Oh well. Howard & co. earned their win, but Gushue's rink earned some respect that they didn't have coming in, despite the gold medals at the Olympics last year.

In the 10th now, and Newfoundland & Labrador has just run out of rocks. Congrats to ON (who lost in the final last year) and see ya next year for NL - hopefully they can do what ON did this year, and bounce back for a win.

More later.


At 10:03 p.m., Blogger Mike Cluett's Milton Blog said...

I was pulling for NL as well. For the first 5 ends they were holding there own.

The missed shot by Brad in the 7th I think was a turning point...then the 9th end.

Many more briers for Gushue.


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