Trouble Brewing?

This is rather disquieting news, isn't it?

Short version (in case the link doesn't work): 15 British navy personnel have been taken into custody, at gunpoint, by Iranian forces. It happened while the Brits were conducting an inspection of a vessel heading for Iraq.

Details are still sketchy, but needless to say, the British government is not happy about this, at all.

Apparently, something like this happened in '04 (check out the BBC story for more details), and it was resolved - but as noted in other media covering this story, the situation vis a vis Iran and "the west" (including the UK) is significantly more tense now.

Here's hoping that this is quickly remedied by the quick return of the British sailors (along with an apology, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one) - because if it isn't, the British, and perhaps others, will have to respond more directly.

More later.



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