A Bit of the Lighter Side ...

After getting myself all worked up over Ralph Goodale's little shell game in my last post, I could't resist enjoying myself a bit by pointing out that the PQ may be setting itself up for all types of trouble in it's "come one, come all" leadership vote, as this story indicates.

The money quote:

A party source told The Globe and Mail that a long-haired Chihuahua and a houseplant were able to register as PQ members and received all the necessary credentials needed to cast a telephone vote.

The dog even received a birthday card recently from interim party leader Louise Harel.

This reminds me of when This Hour Has 22 Minutes did that on-line petition to change Stockwell Day's first name to "Doris" back during Election '00. They got about a million people to sign up, but it wasn't exactly scientific, and they weren't exactly checking ID's; my in-laws very kindly took the time to sign up their pet Doberman, and I'm sure she wasn't the only pet on the list.

Too bad the dog doesn't live in Quebec ... not only would she get a vote for PQ leader, but she'd get a Christmas card t'boot.

More later.


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